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Lutte Berg was born in Sweden 30 April 1963(father Italian and mother Swedish)and he took his first chords on his mother’s classical guitar at the age of 12.

At the age of 13 Lutte Berg starts his first band “Ägg I Mössan”(eggs in the hat) with some school friends. When Lutte Berg was 14 a friend of his mother brought him his first electric guitar and it was love on first sight.

He starts his second band “Astra Khan” and decides that the electric guitar and the music will be what he does for a living.

When Lutte Berg is 16 he joins the music college “Södra Latins Musikgymnasium”in Stockholm where he for the first time digs deep into the music studying theory, history, arrangement, electric guitar and so on.

At that time Lutte Berg starts “Whenever Band” and gives his first interesting gigs such as a live concert for Sveriges Radio(Swedish national radio). After three years at the music collage Lutte Berg joins ”Skurups Musikfolkhögskola” where he stays for only one year depending on an job offer from a theater which he accepts becoming, at the age of 20, the artistic/musical director of the ROJ theater of Stockholm(Handen).

In five years at the ROJ Theater he learnes a lot in the old practical way. Writing what ever he wants gives him the possibility to learn about cello, digital music, horns, choir, rock and much more. However after five years Lutte Berg thought that he needed a change and decided to move to Italy.In Italy he gets interested in ethnic music and he starts to mix his own jazz/rock music with ethnic instruments such as saz and fretless nylon guitar(oud sound). Lutte Berg starts playing with musicians that plays tabla, darbouka, douduk, zampogne(Italian bagpipes) and other amazing instruments.

After a couple of years of experimentation he records in 1990 his first CD ”Mountain’s breath” produced by Pino Daniele for the label Freeland and the same year Lutte Berg records a mini C.D with Mick Goodrick.

In 1993 Lutte Berg second album ”Santa Sofia” with the collaboration of Paul McCandless(Oregon) and Antonello Salis. This cd is the first “mature” work of Lutte. Very important for the whole album was his keyboard player Fabrizio Cesare. He played, arranged and wrote some tracks too. Without him the album wouldn’t have had that touch of magic.

In 1998 Lutte Berg recorded his third cd ”Mascarò” for the label Equipe. Mascarò is a very intimate album, in a particular time of his life, recorded mostly at home using an ADAT >recorder and two mics. The tracks are, exept a couple of tracks, all duos/trios either with himself(playing mandola, acustic guitar, bass and eletric guitar) or with musicians such as Javier Girotto(soprano and baryton sax) and Luca Pirozzi(bass). Other musicians on the cd areMichele Rabbia, Alessandro Gwis(luttes favorite piano player), Susan Krasznai and Pietro Iodice.

In 2004 Lutte Berg recorded his fourth album “Ensemble” for the label Wide. This is the first “live in studio” recording and the first Lutte Berg Ensemble recording. Alessandro Gwis(piano), Luca Pirozzi(bass) and Massimo Manzi(drums) are the best musicians Lutte Berg can imagine for his music. With them everything is possible. In 2009 the fifth cd “Landskap”(and the second live album with the Ensemble) for the label Wide. The idea was to compose “easier” and then just play the songs in the studio letting the band do the “direct arrangement” while recording.

With Gabriele Coen Jewish Experience Lutte Berg recordes ”Awakening”(2011)and "Yiddish Melodies in Jazz"(2013) both cd:s produced by John Zorn for the label Tzadik.

In 2012 Lutte Berg decided to move back to sweden and settle down, together with his wife, in the grandfathers old house by the lake. Lutte Berg and Tina started to play just jamming along with the fantastic nature and the mixture of Tina's classical background and his way of playing sounded interesting. So Lutte Berg started to compose and write songs and bass lines.

After some months they had a repertoire that sounded quite good. Now Lutte Berg had a duo with some kind of a chamber music "taste". To go further and to "open up" the music he needed a drummer and his first choice was the old schoolmate Christer Jansson. Christer was enthusiastic after listening to the demo and said yes.

Now the LutteBergTrio was complete and together they decided when to have the recording session. Of course the recording had to be held in Lutte Bergs house near by the lake. They decided for a week in february and Christer brought mics, preamps and everything needed from his studio in stockholm. Lutte Berg decided to record completely live and without headphones.

That was thrilling because the volume was decided by the classical guitar. After five days of recording(and good italian meals and siestas) their first cd was ready to be mixed and the "hem" session was over. "We really had a great time by the lake and I want to thank personally Tina for her lovely way of playing(and cooking and doing the dishes!) and Christer for his great drumming and all the technical support he gave us making this recording possible".

Since 2002 Lutte Berg has been playing with the italian world music band Agricantus. In Sweden he recorded with Lars Demian. Lutte Berg has played, among others, with Roberto Gatto, Ettore Fioravanti, Javier Girotto, Lars Demian, Christer Jansson, Fabrizio Sferra, Paolo Innarella, Armando Corsi, Mario Arcari, Baba Sissoko, Ares Tavolazzi, Marco Zurzolo, Mariella Nava, Gianluca Ruggeri, Ennio Rega ,Simon Stålspets...

Here’s some international festivals where Lutte Berg has played: The Stone(New York), Hongkong, Damascus(syria), Aleppo(syria), Algeries(Algeria), San Remo, Umbria Jazz, Roccella Ionica Jazz Festival, Kals Art,Festival “1° maggio in piazza S.Giovanni” in Rome, Jazz in Sardegna, Festival jazz Celimontana, Bari in Jazz, AterForumFestival in Ferrara.