Lutte Berg "Hem"
Lutte Berg  electric,classic and fretless guitar
Tina muto  doublebass
Christer jansson  drums and percussion

Compositions by Lutte Berg exept Byssan Lull(trad./Lutte Berg). Recorded 18-22 february 2013 by Christer Jansson at Grindalyckan,Sweden.Mixed by Marcus Sjöberg at Jelly Road Studio. Mastered at Monster Lab by Eric Broyhill. A coproduction between UtanFilterRecords and JordbroVärldsOrkester.Cover art Christer Blum. Cover photo Hasse Norlin. Band photo Helena Berg.

“We really had a great time recording in my house near by the lake and I want to thank personally Tina for her lovely way of playing(and cooking and doing the dishes!) and Christer for his great drumming and all the technical support he gave us making this recording possible”...(Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Swedish tango Hem D-variations My landscape

Lutte Berg "Landskap"
Lutte Berg  electric and classical guitar
Alessandro Gwis-  piano
Luca Pirozzi  doublebass
Massimo Manzi  drums

Compositions by Lutte Berg. Recorded 2-3 march 2009 by Marcello Malatesta at Musicomania digital Studio.Mixed and mastered by Marcello Malatesta at Musicomania digital Studio. Produced by Wide Sound. Cover art by Maurizio Assenti Studio.

“Listening to Lanskap for the first time takes you on an intimate trip across spaces of an interior scenery which expands and contracts as the emotional perception and natural transport of the music grows. An introvert world made of sound frescoes and pictures of landscapes dwelled by fairy creatures come to life. In this work a strong alchemy between folklore languages and European cultivated tradition consolidates while respecting the rules of modern harmony”. (Davide Iannuzzi)

SAMPLES: Fate bene valzer Danza Boatpeople

Lutte Berg "Ensemble"
Lutte Berg  electric and classical guitar
Alessandro Gwis-  piano
Luca Pirozzi  doublebass
Massimo Manzi  drums

Compositions by Lutte Berg exept “The gentleman and the poet”(Cesare/Berg) and “Byssan lull”(Trad./Berg). Recorded in Oct2003 by Domenico Di Gregorio at Musicomania Digital Studio. Mixed by D. Di Gregorio, Ale Scalercio and L.Berg. Pruduced by D. Di Gregorio and Lutte Berg. Cover art by Ernesto Cichella.

“…a mix of jazz and Swedish folkmusic, cold Northern athmospheres and warm Southern ones, the taste for improvisations and the lyricism coming from a view of a far distance horizon. Try to close your eyes and travel with this album: you will probably see many snow white landscapes from the great North, but you will also have a precise sensation that somewhere you will always find a lit of fire to warm up your spirit.This is exactly the aim of Luttes Ensemble: to light a fire made of music.” (Fabrizio Zampa)

SAMPLES: Suite in mi minore The gentleman and the poet Gocce

Lutte Berg "Mascarò"
Lutte Berg guitars,mandola,dist.el.bass    Luca Pirozzi bass    Javier Girotto sax,bass clarinet    Susan Krasznai cello    AlessandroGwis piano    Pietro Iodice drums(track 2)    Michele Rabbia perc.,melodica    Christer Jansson snare(track 2)    Checco Pallone hand drum(track 7)

Compositions by L. Berg exept nr. 8 by L. Pirozzi and nr.11 by Pirozzi/Berg. Recorded in January 1997. Mixed by Marty Robertson.Mastering: Nautilus by A. Baglio exept tracks 6-9 mixed by P.Cappellini and mastered by G.Lupi. Produced by Equipe and L.Berg.

In 1997 I recorded my third cd ”Mascarò” witch is a very intimate album,in a particular time of my life,recorded mostly at home using an ADAT recorder and two mics.The tracks are, exept a couple of tracks,all duos/trios either with myself overdubbing(playing mandola, acustic guitar, bass and eletric guitar)or with musicians such as Javier Girotto(soprano and baryton sax)and Luca Pirozzi(bass). The idea for the recording came after reading Haraldo Conti incredibly beautiful book Mascarò. (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Solo Mascarò

Lutte Berg "Santa Sofia"
Lutte Berg  guitars     Paul McCandless sax, oboe, English horn, bass clarinet    Antonello Salis accordion    Fabrizio Cesare piano    Luca Pirozzi bass    Leonardo Vulpitta percussion    Marcello Surace drums    Max Furian drums(on "3 Aprile")   

Compositions by L.Berg exept tracks 2,5,7 by Berg/Cesare, track 3,4 by Cesare and track 9 by Bill Evans.Recorded 1992 for Freeland(Milano). Produced by Sergio Pisano. Published by Canale 5 music s.r.l/Les Folies s.r.l.

"In 1992 I lived in a marvelous little town called Rovito in the south of Italy.One day,in Rovito,a concert was held in one of the churches(Santa Sofia)in town.It was a solo performance held by a bagpipe player from somewhere in France.It opened up my eyes and I decided that the bagpipe sound was something to search for on my electric guitar.The C.D. that came out was the result of that concert in Rovito. I had the honor to play(among other wonderful musicians)with Paul McCandless and Antonello Salis. Very important for the whole album was the keyboard player Fabrizio Cesare. He played, arranged and wrote some tracks too. " (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: 2+2=3 Favarà

Lutte Berg "Mountain’s breath"
Lutte Berg   guitars, saz, fretless bass
Leonardo Vulpitta  percussion
Mario Rosini  keyboards

Compositions by Lutte Berg.
Recorded 1992 at Studio Zero, Studio Les Folies, Studio Kappa.Mixed by Marcello Todaro,Carmelo Labate.Produced by Pino Daniele for Freeland.

"Luttes first cd produced by Pino Daniele for the label Freeland. It’s a mixture of Luttes worldmusic ideas and Pino Danieles
will of creating a “new age” album." (Lutte Berg)


Gabriele Coen & Jewish Experience “yiddish melodies in jazz”
Gabriele Coen  sax, clarinet
Pietro Lussu  piano
Marco Loddo  double bass
Lutte berg  guitar
Luca Caponi  drums, percussion

Recorded and mixed in 2012 by Mario Rivera. Produced by John Zorn for Tzadik

"Combining a deep knowledge and honest respect for tradition with a brilliant sense of drama and imagination, Gabriele Coen is making some of the most exciting, imaginative New Jewish Music out there today. At the cutting edge yet firmly rooted in history, the band “ Jewish Experience” plays with passion, integrity and impeccable musicianship".
(John Zorn)

SAMPLES: Di grine kuzine Yiddish mame

MelTrio "MelTrio"
Lutte berg  guitars
Javier Girotto  sax
Marco Siniscalco  bass
Emanuele Smimmo  drums

Compositions by Fabrizio Cesare. Recorded in 2010 by Lucrezio de Seta at Hemiola Recording Studio. Mixed by lucrezio de Seta. Published by Edizioni Groove Studio.

"I’m a fan of Fabrizio Cesare. His shining and simple melodies are hiding a very complex harmonical world filled of traps. Together with Marco and Emanuele we decided to accept the challenge! Now the MelTrio needed a fourth voice and the special guest had to be Javier Girotto, the ideal musician for what we had in mind. I wish to thank fabrizio Cesare for giving us total freedom when performing his music." (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Fast f Frankie tankie

Paolo Innarella “Melodic Art”
Paolo Innarella  saxophones, flute
Lutte Berg   guitar
Ares Tavolazzi  doublebass
Emanuele Smimmo  drums

Compositions by P.Innarella. Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2007 at Alfa studio by Alessandro Guardia.

“…This project started with me and E.Smimmo playing in duo. The initial duo was supported by the fundamental contribution of Lutte Berg, consisting of great harmonic-timbric refinement and a precious gift of equilibrium in his accompaniment and superb instrumental capacities in the solos. The fourth element completing the quartet was Ares Tavolazzi. His rhythmical solidity, dense and beautiful sound, his capacity to choose the most beautiful notes and his great experience has always been a source of inspiration for me…” (Paolo Innarella)

SAMPLES: Ndune Sea shore

Gabriele Coen & Jewish Experience “Awakening”

Gabriele Coen  sax, clarinet
Lutte Berg   guitar
Pietro Lussu  piano
Marco Loddo  double bass
Luca Caponi  drums,percussion
Benny Penazzi  cello
Massimo Coen  violin
Simone Haggiag  bongos,congas,daf

Compositions G.Coen except 3,10(trad.), 4(P.Lussu), 8(L.Berg). Produced by John Zorn, G.Coen,M.Rivera and K.Sugiyama. Recorded and mixed in 2010 by Mario Rivera. Mastered by Scott Hull.

“Awakening is one of the strongest Jewish jazz CDs we have ever released, and a wonderful new addition to Radical Jewish Culture, now in its eighteenth year and going strong thanks to creative and passionate musicians like Gabriele Coen”. (Tzadik records)


Pierluigi Balducci “Niebla”
Pierluigi Balducci  bass
Lutte Berg   guitars
Roberto Ottaviano  soprano sax
Massimo Carrano  percussion,vocals

Compositions by P.Balducci except 4(Ottaviano-Berg), 7(M.Davis), 8(L.Berg), 9(Balducci-Berg). Recorded and mastered 1999 by T.Cavaglieri. Mixed by P.Balducci.

"Niebla marks the beginning of my adventure as a leader and composer. This work, which was born from the idea of the meeting between music cultures from different paths, and the rejection of any 'purity' classicist, found the key figure in Lutte Berg, "character" musically and personally unique, that in itself contains the mystery of the encounter between distant worlds. " (Pierluigi Balducci)

SAMPLES: Eluard Terra Vecchia

Massimo Carrano “Solemani”
Massimo Carrano  percussion, vocals
Lutte Berg   guitars
Paolo Innarella  winds and woods
Toni Armetta  bass, programming
Dieter Gosticha  tablas, sarengi
Arnaldo Vacca  remo drum(tr.12)
Carlo Di Franscesco  bata, wooden congas, voice
Maura Ippoliti   voice(tr.9)

Compositions by M.Carrano except 1,3,10(Carrano-T.Armetta),2(unknown-Carrano), 5(Faschetti-Salvatore-Antonelli). Arranged,recorded,mixed,mastered by Armetta-Carrano in 2005 at Giara studios.

“Solemani, my cd recorded in 2005, exists because of that Lutte exists; not only because of his musical skills(I know lots of guitarists with skills). It’s the thing that he lets the world use his soul and that he, after listening to the music, helps the others music to come true.” (Massimo Carrano)

SAMPLES: Danza di lucciole Maralacqua Lamento dei mendicanti

Massimo Ferrante “Jamu”
Massimo Ferrante voice,acoustic guitar    Lutte Berg  el guitar,saz    Lello Petrarca bass    Enrico Del Gaudio drums    Franco Perreca flute,clarinet    Francesco manna tamburello    Ficu Fresche backing vocals    Antonello Paliotti  cl.guit,accordion,mandolin(tr.9)    E’ Zezi  backround effects    Franco Sansalone  backing vocals   

Recorded by Maddalena Bellini. Mixed by Enrico Del Gaudio and M. Bellini at Bande Rumorose(napoli). Produced by M.Ferrante and Bande Rumorose Associazione Culturale. Mastered byCarlo Gentiletti. Cover art Logica s.r.l.

“I first met Lutte many years ago. I remember the first meeting with him in San Nicola Arcella in Calabria and since then we never…separated. We have both followed our own path, but there has always been a thread that has tied us together. This thread made it quite natural to work with Lutte when I started recording my first solo cd’s (after many years spent backing up Daniele Sepe). Jamu (label Felmay) is my third album and has Lutte as guitarist and artistic producer. Sharing the stage with him is a privilege. Playing with Lutte is like a delightful conversation with friends, a good dinner with good homemade wine or a successful fishing trip on Luttes lake. He has the ability to do everything in a natural and simple way, because he is a ... champion.” (Massimo Ferrante)

SAMPLES: La piov e la fai soulelh Ninnananna joggese