Lutte Berg Trio

Christer jansson drums         Tina muto doublebass         Lutte Berg guitars

"This trio is a true melting pot where jazz, classical chamber music and world are mixed together. A massive use of the bow, not really common in jazz, makes the doublebass excelent for all my themes and melodies. The drummers great experience and lust of experimenting sounds makes this trio one of my favourites. "(Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Swedish tango Hem D-variations My landscape

Berg & Muto StringDuo

Tina muto doublebass         Lutte Berg eletric,classic,acoustic,fretless guitar,saz

"Tina use of the bow, not really used that much in jazz, makes the doublebass excelent for all my themes and melodies. Enjoy the sound of my fretless oud guitar, saz, classic guitar, acoustic lute guitar and my electric guitar mixed with Tina’s doublebass performing our own music.A taste of classical, jazz and world music." (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Byssan lull My landscape

Lutte Berg Ensemble

Lutte Berg guitars   Massimo Manzi drums   Luca Pirozzi bass   Alessandro Gwis piano

"This ensemble is my family. We have been playing and recording together for 15 years(with Luca 25 years!).I have a deep respect for all in the Ensemble…couldn’t have better musicians playing my music." (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: Fate bene valzer Boatpeople Suite in mi minore

Gabriele Coen & Jewish Experience

Gabriele Coen soprano sax and clarinet   Lutte berg guitar   Pietro Lussu piano   Marco Loddo double bass   Luca Caponi drums and percussion

"Combining a deep knowledge and honest respect for tradition with a brilliant sense of drama and imagination,Gabriele Coen is making some of the most exciting,imaginative New Jewish Music out theretoday.At the cutting edge yet firmly rooted in history,the band“Jewish Experience” plays with passion,integrity and impeccable musicianship". (John Zorn)

VIDEO: Miserlou Belz

Berg & Stålspets gitarr duo

Lutte Berg guitars and fretless guitar     Simon Stålspets guitars and mandola

"The key to Berg & Stålspets musicianship is curiosity facing different cultures and musical diversity.Berg & Stålspets plays several instruments and lets the music control which instruments they choose to use:acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fretless oud and the mandola. The flavorsof North Africa, the Swedish nature and the blues developing in jazz.;Country Picking, tango and Arabic jazz meets Swedish folk music...original compositions interspersed with famous songs and film scores."(Berg & Stålspets)

VIDEO: Sunny

SAMPLES: I’m a pilgrim

Berg & Ferrante duo

Lutte Berg guitars and fretless guitar     Massimo Ferrante acoustic guitar and voice

"Massimo is one of Italy's best and most interesting folk singers. His amazing repertoire consists of traditional songs from southern Italy that he "digs" out of hidden and forgotten memories. Massimo sings and plays his acoustic guitar while I have a really fun role as a free solo guitarist. The best thing with Massimo is that he has a very deep knowledge and love for folk music, and at the same time he is ready and willing to experiment with my more modern and jazzy guitar sound and with my fretless 12 string classical guitar." (Lutte Berg)

SAMPLES: La piov e la fai soulelh Ninnananna joggese