Flen has its own World Orchestra(VärldsOrkester)!

29 Sept-2015

Our fine Sörmland is, thankfully, populated by people who come from all over the world.
Our new residents come to us with a bag full of experience. Some of them sings or are musicians or dancers or theater people.
Many, without being a cultural worker, wants to learn to stand on a stage and play, dance or to be actors, eg in a musical...
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13 nov-2015

Flying to Bruxelles where I’ll be working, over the weekend, with my friend Ennio Rega. It’s time for his new album and there is a cd to arrange. It will be fun!

21 nov-2015

Berg&Stålspets guitarduo in concert at Tandla konserthus in Eskilstuna. Venue starts at 7pm.

4 dec-2015

Second trip to Bruxelles working on my friens Ennio Rega’s new cd.

16 dec-2015

Berg&Stålspets guitarduo in concert at Theater Klämman in Mellösa. Venue starts at 7:00pm.

18 dec-2015

Berg&Stålspets guitarduo in concert at Clarion Hotel Lounge Livingroom in Arlanda. Venue starts at 7:30pm

19 jan-2016

FlenVärldsOrkester in concert(sharing the stage with Ungdomsgården and Kulturskolan) at Amazon in Flen. Venue at 6:30pm.

21 feb-2016

Flying to Rome for a week long recording session with Gabriele Coen&Jewish Experience. We are about to record the third cd for John Zorn’s label Tzadik(New York). It’s an honor and pleasure to play with this group. Check it out!